Dreaming of a rolling car is a message of anxiety that you don’t measure up to when it comes to achieving your goals. You are trying too hard to impress others. You may be overexcited or hyperactive and need to relax. This dream symbolizes the encounter between two states of mind – the rational and the irrational. You are recovering from some emotional hurt or trauma.

A dream about a rolling car is a warning sign of a warning of some kind. You know no limits. You are trying to hide your weaknesses. It is an indication of a lack of joy, harmony or security in your life. You spend a lot of energy.

If you dream of a rolling car:

Dream of a rolling car

You may feel relaxed and detached as usual, but the guy who’s been watching you for a while definitely isn’t. You really need to have an honest conversation with them before you make any kind of immediate judgment about their situation. You might actually find it attractive.

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