Dreaming of being in a car accident is an omen of difficulties that you will face in your life. Your life is spinning out of control. You’re not doing your best. The dream is a lack of independence in a situation or relationship. You may have said too much or you may need to express yourself more.

A dream about being in a car accident almost indicates a situation where you feel violated or victimized. There is someone or something you need to extricate yourself from your life. You need to make time for recreational exercise and recreation. Your dream is a symbol of surrender. You may feel like something is slamming into your throat.

If you dream that you are about to get into a car accident:

You almost got into a car accident dream

The thing you thought was a sure bet doesn’t seem so strong after all. Now is the time for you to go back and check your facts. Although you prefer to move forward, you need to review the past before embracing the future.

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