Dreaming of an old dead friend indicates qualities that are producing within you that can be changed. You are unable to commit to a situation or decision. You are trying to hide your true fears. This is a harbinger of grief and trouble. You may be very unrealistic.

A dream about a dead old friend is a hint for you not to take everyday matters for granted. You are wasting your time or letting time pass you by. You don’t know your limits. It represents your resilience and ability to recover from hardships. You may feel a lack of control over the course of your life.

If you dreamed about an old dead friend:

Dream of an old dead friend

For some time you have been feeling a fundamental indecision in yourself and in the rest of the world. The aspect of this day tickles your desire to make things right for everyone you care about. The lesson you need to take away from this is to take care of your own needs first. Make sure to drink plenty of water, take vitamins, and exercise on a daily basis.

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