Dreaming of an avocado seed is a sign of your ferocity, aggression, strength and toughness. You need to gain a better perspective on things. You should be more careful and cautious about your spending and money. This dream symbolizes your desires for intimacy and closeness. You are in denial.

A dream about avocado seeds is a harbinger of insight. Maybe you need to add some excitement or non-conformity to your life. You are protecting someone or something. This dream indicates your need to experience and feel things at the utmost level. You are on the path to self-destruction.

If you dream about an avocado seed:

Dream of an avocado seed

In unpleasant situations, you tend to shield your loved ones from the truth. That would be wrong. Even though you are acting out of love, your family members deserve to know the truth even if it hurts. You cannot protect them from the realities of the outside world. Most people, even young people, would rather know the facts.

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