A dream about a honeycomb is a symbol of the end of some habit, journey, relationship, or situation. You are letting your anger control your actions. You are on the right track and flying towards success without restrictions. This represents some kind of pain or chaos that is going on in your life. You may be using people or benefiting from them in some way.

A dream about bees is a sign of menial work and suffering. You are in the middle of some endeavour. You need to clean up some unwanted items that are doing you more harm than good. Sometimes it’s your personality traits, behaviors, and habits. You are being stifled by some of the female figures in your life.

If you dreamed of a honeycomb:

Listen to your imagination. Spending some time drawing on a pillow at your desk can actually inspire a great new idea that will help you in the workplace. Unleash your mind and harness your creativity to achieve the success you desire.

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