Dreaming of being near water is a metaphor for team effort. You or someone behaving inappropriately. You need to exercise some self-control in your personal and social life. It indicates a smooth transition. You only partially acknowledge your feelings.

Being near water in a dream is a message for the beginning of new things in your life. Perhaps you are pretending to be a person who does not suit you. You need to make the most out of a bad situation. This dream indicates passive aggressive behavior. You are reaching for something or someone.

If you dream of being near water:

To be near water dream

Communicating with those close to you can be difficult today. You may end up playing endless phone tag. This can be a little sad, because you’re feeling especially warm and loving towards them right now. You may worry that he might be angry and not want to talk to you. This is not the case. Keep trying. You will eventually get to them and get the response you want.

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