Dreaming of being sexually touched is a message to your lover or loved one. You develop a new sense of self. You are literally allowing others to push you. The dream relates to unexpected opportunities that will come your way. You enjoy the good things in life.

Being sexually touched is the dream sometimes of energy, strength and vitality. You may be about to get into trouble. You will get over some loss or conflict. The dream is a message of spring rebirth, new growth, longevity, and love. You need emotional and spiritual healing.

If you dream of being sexually touched:

To be sexually affected in a dream

You feel very calm due to the current heavenly energy, the influence of which encourages you to calm down after a recent problem with your loved one. It might be a good idea to invite them over to a meal, so you can talk in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. After that you will probably get better than ever. So take that first step!

Regarding the dream being touched sexually:

The good news needs to be shared!!!