A dream about being shot in the neck indicates celebration and your attempts to achieve happiness. You focus on enjoying life and all it has to offer. Something is about to end and something new will begin. The dream is a sign of happiness in love. You are cautiously optimistic about the good news you receive.

Dreaming of being shot in the neck indicates something that you have to do. You seek knowledge, insight, and inner thought. You are literally discovering some deep content. This dream indicates wealth and love. You refuse to allow your creativity to emerge from beneath the surface.

If you dreamed of being shot in the neck:

Being shot in the neck is a dream

The heavenly configuration encourages you to take a tour through the darker corners of your being in order to understand your attitudes towards relationships. This is a rare opportunity to see certain patterns of behavior in a new light, and to begin to analyze your motivations for adopting them in the first place. A new age is dawning in your ability to be open and honest with others.

Regarding being shot in the neck in a dream:

The good news needs to be shared!!!