Dreaming of a big cactus is the beginning of insight, creativity and inspiration. You focus on your goal. You take advantage of the opportunities open to you as long as they last. The dream symbolizes life’s small but sweet rewards. You need to bring more romance into your relationship.

A dream about a big cactus is a premonition of your sense of pride and confidence. You have your guards. You change directions and start down a completely different path. The dream is a premonition of seduction and tickle. You need to stay true to your convictions and be firm.

If you dream of a big cactus:

Big cactus dream

Go out and do something interesting with a close friend or love interest. Relationships today are more platonic, yet you can share all kinds of new experiences and discuss your feelings later. Whatever you decide to do, let it be very unusual and cool. Learn something different, and when the passion returns you’ll have even more to share!

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