Dreaming of a bubble is a metaphor for your lofty aspirations and carefree behaviour. You should be more independent. You need some convincing to discuss some issues. Your dream indicates the need for relaxation and a well-deserved long break. You are trying to control the path your life takes.

Bell dream is a sign of fertility or immortality. You are backing out of the situation. You are going through a period of upheaval, inner transformation, and self-renewal. The dream is a sign of concern for the environment. You need to be light.

If you dream about Bill Project:

Today contains all the ingredients of a romantic love story story. There is passion, adventure, and the opportunity to go places you’ve never been. You are the only obstacle, as you enjoy the stability of your comfort zone. If all this seems daunting, stay home and watch a romantic movie instead of experiencing life’s extremes firsthand.

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