Dreaming of black and white shoes indicates your problems with weight. You may be ignoring your feelings and need to start paying attention to them. You are taken for granted or are unable to express yourself freely. It indicates laziness. You are looking for some direction and guidance in facing your feelings.

A dream about black and white shoes draws attention to the holidays and the Christmas season. You are hurting yourself, physically or emotionally. You have trouble making yourself heard. It represents the mean. You look to the future.

If you dreamed of black and white shoes:

Black and white dream shoes

You may feel like a snail emerging from its shell. When no one is looking, you slowly and carefully stick your head out and raise your antennae to take a reading of the outside world. When you see a creature like you, you feel a sense of relief and it comes out of your shell a little bit more. Be careful about letting your defenses drop too low, as a large, hungry bird may be looking for dinner.

Dream of black and white shoes:

The good news needs to be shared!!!