A dream about black stingrays is a harbinger of filth, squalor, remoteness and death. You are not completely honest about something. You need to look for some inconspicuous items. The dream is evidence of an attack on your manhood if you are male. There is a situation that you should avoid.

Dreaming of black stingrays hints at your cold or bitter emotions and feelings. You can’t express yourself how you really feel about the situation. You’re not going anywhere if you just sit and think about it. This dream represents your fears of intimacy or commitment. You have to take time and care in shaping and crafting the relationship.

If you dream of black stingrays:

Dream of black stingrays

Other people don’t speak your language today. This makes it difficult for you to get anything done in the workplace. Do your best to focus on your tasks without letting others overwhelm you with their opinions.

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