Dreaming of a body covered in hair draws attention to fear and insecurity. You hold onto old memories for fear of forgetting them. You need to focus. Your dream refers to the moon, intuition, and the feminine aspects of yourself. There might be something you’ve overlooked.

A body covered with hair indicates in a dream a lack of confidence. You will face many disappointments and obstacles. You should be better prepared for the unexpected challenges that may come your way. This dream is evidence of a friendship that needs to be repaired. You need to incorporate some of the key elements of your religion into your own life.

If you dream about a body covered with hair:

A body covered with hair in a dream

Some images from dreams or visions may provide inspiration for your home renovation ideas. You might spend some time reading books in order to find ways to apply your ideas to your advantage. Then you will eagerly embrace the task! Talking about passion, sex, and romance is also on your mind a lot at this time. Get a lover to help you with your work. This may lead to some unpleasant consequences.

Dream of covering the body with hair:

The good news needs to be shared!!!