Dreaming that your friend is being beaten is a sign of success in your endeavors and projects. You are more aggressive and direct about your pent-up feelings. You yearn for the past. The dream represents a really nice and kind-hearted person. You express doubt about the intentions of a friend.

A dream about your friend being beaten indicates important information that you are about to receive. You may feel anxious or feel the need to hold together a certain relationship. Someone says goodbye to you. Your dream expresses your hurtful and cutting comments. You are ready to face the issues and emotions that you have.

If you dreamed that your friend was being beaten:

Boyfriend getting a dream beating

Today’s aspect gives you a new burst of fiery energy to complement your already fiery nature. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice your bright smile, what an outgoing personality you have to charm people with. These are all blessings for which you can be grateful. However, your greatest blessing is good health. Do you eat a lot of healthy things every day? Nothing makes you feel better than eating a balanced diet.

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