Dreaming of burnt corn is a warning of power/control issues and feelings of dependency/independence, especially in a relationship. You lack the ability to stick to one thing. Your defense mechanisms are no longer on alert, thus allowing your suppressed feelings to be released. This dream means aspects of yourself that you are still trying to identify. Your achievements will not be as successful as you expected.

A dream about burnt corn is unfortunately a warning warning of your negative actions. You need to transform your negative thinking into positive energy. You are very cold. This is a metaphor for the dichotomy between your rational thinking and your emotional thinking. You are very interested in frivolous matters.

If you dream of burnt corn:

Burnt corn dream

Remember that although there is stress and chaos everywhere, there is no need for it to affect you. Your motto should be “You in it but not of it”. The basis of most disagreements boils down to the struggle between the old and the new. Try not to let their fights become your fights. Learn from them by staying close enough to watch and understand but far enough away to keep your hands clean.

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