The dream of catching rabbits is a metaphor for financial anxiety. Your lifestyle, beliefs, or goals may conflict with another’s. You rush into making a decision or rush into a relationship. The dream is about pent-up anger, frustration and annoyances. You feel socially disconnected or withdrawn.

Catching rabbits pays attention to the details. You are trying to acquire a new identity. You overfocus on the small details and ignore the important things in your life. This dream indicates cycles and the passage of time. You stretch yourself too thin, either financially, physically, emotionally, or in terms of time.

If you dreamed of hunting rabbits:

Dream of catching rabbits

Stop trying to feel other people’s feelings and focus on your own. Being empathetic is certainly commendable, but at some point you need to face the music and look in the mirror. Clearly distinguish between your needs and the needs of others. Express your feelings. Ask for help if you need it. Other people don’t mind readers. They probably have no idea how you feel.

Dream of catching rabbits:

The good news needs to be shared!!!