Dreaming of chicken food portends feelings of vulnerability or precarious condition in your life. You may not feel down to earth or safe. You are not sure of your job performance. It is unfortunately a warning sign of false claims of people trying to take advantage of you. You are unable to keep a straight face and you are about to be exposed.

A dream about eating chicken indicates deteriorating health and job loss. You care about other people’s needs and overlook your own. You need to proceed with caution. Your dream indicates anxiety about technology and losing control. You need to dig deeper into a situation or problem.

If you dream about chicken food:

Dream of eating chicken

The play aspect encourages your thoughts to fly, as well as hide away. In a way, you don’t want your most recent romantic interest to know all about you too soon, and so he may seem particularly aloof and opaque. However, you are equally determined to find out as much about her as possible, without giving too much away. One of you should be spilling the beans soon.

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