Dreaming about a childhood friend relates to your individual personality and the qualities that set you apart from others. You are avoiding some deep emotional problems. You have to expand your thinking and use your imagination and creativity. The dream is a sign of solidarity, friendships, and happy reunions. There is help when you need it.

A childhood dream is evidence of feelings and sensuality. You make your feelings and opinions known. Perhaps you are waiting for your ideal lover. It symbolizes endurance and agility. A relationship, your job, or some situation sucks life and energy out of you.

If you dream about a childhood friend:

A childhood friend's dream

Getting serious about your health can be a fun process if you remember to do it gradually. Remember to slowly increase the amount of exercise you get, and to gently introduce new activities. Try adjusting your eating habits by making small changes – but make those changes! If you want to cut back on dairy, for example, first give up a few variations you really won’t miss, like cheese in your sandwich. You will notice your awareness increasing with every decision you make.

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