A dream about a choking dog is about stress and sadness from dealing with an illness. You are under pressure or stress. You have to trust your intuition and instincts. Your dream indicates protection and care. You need to know more about the position at hand.

A dream about a choked dog indicates your freedom and space. You are waiting for something to happen. You need to face your current problems in order to move forward. This dream symbolizes the current wars around the world and your personal feelings about it. You may be going through a period of stress in your life.

If you dreamed of a dog choking:

Choking dog dream

Pay attention to today’s news. Be sure to check out not only the mainstream news but also independent publications and offbeat websites. Ask about what you hear and read. Take an active part in increasing your knowledge of the world. Take responsibility for your citizenship by observing what happens. Information is an important aspect of strength.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!