Dreaming of the coffin of Chinese countries ingenuity, insight and creativity. It’s time to hit the headlines. Maybe there is something you need to keep yourself safe. Your dream indicates your loyalty and devotion to others. You need to pay serious attention to the direction you are taking in your personal and work life.

Dreaming of a Chinese coffin symbolizes goodness, purity, protection, comfort and solace. Someone in your life offers you protection and stability. You have a new outlook on life. This indicates strength and power. You express your femininity in a seductive and subtle way rather than in an overt, semi-destructive way.

If you dream about a Chinese coffin:

The coffin of the Chinese dream

You and your partner (current or prospective) are growing closer. This is a great opportunity to express and share your feelings, to rekindle a spark that may have been dimming a bit lately, and to spend some quality time together. Make the most of this opportunity, and you will greatly deepen your attachment and commitment. Give each other some space and a chance to shine.

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