Dreaming of going down a mountain represents disappointments that you are going through in your life. Perhaps you need to show more self-control and control over certain areas of yourself. You are looking for some kind of security and stability. Your dream indicates repressed thoughts and feelings. You feel helpless, anxious, or frustrated.

Going down a mountain in a dream suggests your ability to express yourself and your beliefs. Your life feels out of control. You are experiencing some anxiety about the changes and doubts that are taking place in your life. This is a harbinger of how others will perceive you. You do not recognize or reject the feminine qualities in you.

If you dreamed of descending from a mountain:

Going down from the mountain dream

The heavenly configuration makes you very careful when it comes to matters of the heart. This is an unusual case of someone always jumping up before they look, and constantly stepping where angels are afraid to step. However, a certain person inspires a sense of dread in you, and you’re not sure whether to rise to the challenge or go your own way quietly.

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