A dream about competition draws attention to your negligence regarding your health. You have to get to the point. You may have been given a second chance to regain what was previously thought lost. Your dream indicates how you respond to the needs of others. You may be ignoring your feelings and need to start paying attention to them.

A dream about competition expresses confidence. There are some life lessons or morals that you need to learn or become familiar with. You are shutting down emotionally. This is a harbinger of youth and rebellion. You feel fenced off in some situations or trapped in a relationship.

If you dream about competition:

Dream competition

Just don’t let this drive you crazy! The desire to fix things, and even people, can lead you down a path of frustration. Take the time and do some exercises that create a state of meditation. A repetitive exercise like a structured yoga workout or a series of spins on a racetrack can give you the distance you need. You will feel more at peace with yourself, too.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!