Dreaming of dead big fish is evidence of feelings of resentment. Perhaps you are trying to provide reassurance during difficult times in your life. You are trying to persuade others to support your views and ideas. Your dream indicates your overwhelming (and unjustified) fear for your child’s health. You are not using your talents and potential.

The dream of a dead big fish is a symbol of your immature attitude. You’re trying too hard to get attention. You may have realized that the person is all wrong. This dream symbolizes sadness and loss. Don’t rock the boat and get out of harm’s way.

If you dreamed of a dead big fish:

Dream of a dead big fish

If you had to take a test today and you had a choice between poetry and physics, you wouldn’t hesitate. Poetry. Today is about interpretation, not analysis. The change in the atmosphere over the next few days will affect your thinking. You should expect some confusion in your communication with the people closest to you.

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