Dreaming of killing a deer indicates comfort and satisfaction with yourself and who you are. You are in a position of strength. You have misjudged the solid foundation on which it rests. The dream indicates lust, fertility, possibility and continuity of life. You protect the things that matter to you.

A dream about killing a deer represents immortality, life and fertility. You evaluate your role and how society perceives you. You are covering up your true feelings. This dream indicates some good actions in your life. You are looking for guidance.

If you dream about killing a deer:

Dream of killing a deer

An increase in inner strength may make you feel like you can move mountains. If you’ve been considering a course of action that others think is impossible, now is the time to start it. Career matters, romance, and creative projects can greatly advance through careful effort on your part. Give it some thought, write down your thoughts, think of all the contingencies, and move on!

Dream of killing a deer:

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