A dream about dirty ears is a harbinger of your fears of losing something important to you. You are being verbally attacked by those you think are your friends. You are being denied something you earned. Your dream indicates your concerns about the issues of your family or friends. You are trying to escape from life’s problems instead of facing them.

A dream about dirty ears suggests your sympathy for others. You can still get your way without using force. You’ve been acting prematurely. It states your willingness to fight and defend yourself. You need to develop some qualities.

If you dream of dirty ears:

Dirty ears dream

You may find yourself questioning the balance of your work and private life. Being aware of your true goals and desires, and setting appropriate boundaries can be problematic. Take the case of working out in the gym, for example. You must stick to your set routine of exercises, while also making sure that you are working at your maximum capacity. When you keep your head down and not look up, you lose crucial ground.

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