Dreaming of dirty skin indicates a minor interruption in your plans. I’ve become a bit of a bore. You may feel depressed. This dream suggests self-control, determination, perseverance, healing, and transformation. You need to trust your gut feeling.

Dirty skin dream indicates your fears and anger. There is an emotional void in your life. Instead of acceptance, you tend to find faults in others. Your dream symbolizes bitter disappointments. You’re paving the way and working hard to make it easy for others.

If you dream of dirty skin:

Dirty skin dream

Make an effort to connect with someone you miss today. Even if you feel pain at first, you will feel much better once you do. Pick up the phone, write a note, or send an email. Let the person know that you miss him or her and care about him or her. It is often much better to express yourself than to bottle up your feelings. The person may miss you just as much.

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