Dreaming of a dog choking is a harbinger of low self-esteem issues. You can force your views and opinions on others. Something bad is happening. Your dream is a sign of low self-esteem and poor self-image. You have lost sight of your goals.

A dream strangling a dog represents carefree situations and a life in which your desires are happily fulfilled. You are not being honest with yourself. You want to remain mysterious. Your dream is a metaphor for bad luck, evil and harm. You feel dead inside.

If you dream of choking a dog:

Dream of strangling a dog

You may find today a little dry for your taste. Heavenly energy means that you have every opportunity to spend the day in deep conversation, rather than enjoying the finer, subtler qualities of feeling and the delicious tastes of love. The most you can hope for is trying to convince your loved one to take you to a romantic movie on the grounds that you can review it – better second hand than nothing at all.

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