A dream about driving a school bus indicates disappointments, misfortune and misfortune. Instead of facing a situation, you deal with it by burying it and trying to forget it. You need to isolate yourself and block out any outside forces that might cloud your judgment. This refers to the difficulty you have in certain situations. Perhaps you are trying to search for new meanings of life.

A dream about a driving school bus is an indication that you need to change your routine. You don’t really take action on the changes. Perhaps your goals or ideals are too high. It is an indication of deep anger towards someone. You lack energy and vitality in your life.

If you dream of driving a school bus:

Driving a school bus dream

You are usually intuitive, but today you may feel more psychic than you ever dreamed you could be. Information from the media can make you psychically capture the thoughts and feelings of people you have never met. This can be emotionally overwhelming, so protect yourself by keeping the white light around you. Turn your thoughts and feelings into art of some kind. help.

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