Dreaming of eating crabs is a metaphor for some temptations in your life. You feel socially disconnected or withdrawn. You are experiencing fears in different aspects of your life. This indicates agreement or confirmation. You need to be more understanding or submissive in some situations.

Eating cancer dream is about fear. You need to step back and look at the broader perspective. You need to get rid of some harmful emotions in order to regain control. Your dream alludes to social contact. You may be ignoring your feelings and need to start paying attention to them.

If you dream of eating cancer:

Eating cancer dream

A certain decision means that you have reached a turning point. The hardest part about making this decision is saying goodbye to your old ways. The past can feel comforting and reassuring, especially when the unknown looms large. It takes strength and determination to leave it behind. But whether it’s your career or your love life, you have personal goals that can’t be sacrificed or denied.

Dream of eating crab

The good news needs to be shared!!!