Dreaming of eating cow tripe indicates overeating and excesses. There is a problem in your life that needs to be corrected. You may be very concerned about what other people think. This dream suggests sharing and companionship. You are trying to identify the hidden side of yourself.

A dream about eating cow tripe indicates your inability to reach your goals and advance your interests. You are trying very hard to find the truth to a problem. You may be overconfident. This dream unfortunately is a warning of your need to expand your thinking/knowledge and challenge yourself mentally. You need to do your research and not rush into making choices.

If you dream of eating cow tripe:

Dream of eating cow tripe

You might feel awkward today, especially since your sweetheart’s pie seems like she wants to bring up this sensitive topic – which she doesn’t like to talk about. But like it or not, you will have to have this conversation and think about how to deal with this particular problem. Do it now, while you have the opportunity to make a positive change.

Dream of eating cow tripe:

The good news needs to be shared!!!