Dreaming of eating puppies indicates that you need to talk about something. You have to learn to trust people again. You need to look within yourself in order to acknowledge a higher insight. The dream is about emotions and relationships that you did not recognize. You let your adventurous side guide you and take over.

Dreaming of eating puppies is an omen of a repressed and hidden part of yourself. You face and overcome your own obstacles. You need to refresh or rejuvenate. It alludes to hope, success and good luck in the form of money, status or fame. All the energy you put into a project may not be worth it.

If you dream of eating puppies:

eating puppies dream

Today you can perform a real magical action. You can spin words the way a magician does tricks, and make other people hear things you haven’t actually said. You can even create an entire story that seems believable enough, but that just never happens. But don’t be too smug about it – your loved one knows you well. do not go away.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!