Dreaming of an empty building indicates feelings that have been underestimated and overlooked. You do not take a proactive approach to life decisions and refuse to see the truth of things. Something is not going your way. This dream suggests something or someone that is difficult to follow. You may feel that you are not taking an active enough role in some situations.

A dream about an empty building is a warning sign of the monotony of your daily life. You’ve been working so hard and you deserve to indulge yourself. You are not using your full potential. Unfortunately, your dream is an alert to your negative feelings. The situation in your life requires careful strategy and planning.

If you dream of an empty building:

Dream of an empty building

You may host a social event at your home tonight. You may be nervous at first, wondering if everything is okay. Your efforts should yield the results you want. You may make new contacts, which can lead to increased career opportunities. Walk after everyone is gone. Your mind will go a thousand miles an hour and you will want to clear your mind.

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