A dream about a scattered family is an omen of fertility and childbirth. Maybe they are printed or you are looking for your type. You are trying to escape from the pressures of life. This shows your ambition. You should be in an environment where you can express yourself freely.

Dreaming of an expatriate family denotes your need to belong and fit in with a larger group. You must be careful not to enter into a hasty relationship with someone who is not right for you. You work so hard! The dream hints at your conservative views. You are involuntarily pushed to confront some pent-up thoughts.

If you dreamed of a broken family:

Scattered family dream

All financial undertakings have good aspects today. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a new business. If so, chances are you will meet the perfect business partner. Keep your eyes and ears in tune as you go about your daily routine. You never know when you might meet that special person that you need in your life. Mingle in the evening with good friends.

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