Dreaming of faking an injury is a harbinger of pent-up anger and hidden aggression. You have literally lost your mind. You hold your negative feelings. It’s some biting remarks or insults. You need to let go and stop being defensive.

Fake an injury dream indicates feelings of bitterness, sadness or death. You are acting in vain. You may be isolated from others. It is a signal of your fears and rejected aspects of yourself. An aspect of yourself that is not fully developed or that has been repressed.

If you dream of faking an injury:

Fake injury dream

Whatever work you do today can be slower than usual, as you can get a little distracted. You may be preoccupied with the past, especially feelings and events that you thought you had forgotten long ago and that affect your mood in different ways. This can be a good day to focus on routine tasks that you can do automatically, if possible. This way you will be as productive as always.

Regarding faking an injury dream:

The good news needs to be shared!!!