Dreaming of falling and then jumping awake is a harbinger of painful memories popping up from your subconscious mind. You are approaching your whole problem wrong. Some negative or evil force has taken possession of you. A dream indicates the end of a habit, behavior or idea. You may reshape your thinking or aspirations and get rid of unwanted thoughts/habits.

Falling and then jumping in a waking dream is a hint of something not fully developed. You are emotionless or speechless and not sure how to react or respond. You may have set yourself unrealistic goals and are only setting yourself up for failure. Unfortunately, this dream is weakness, degradation, squalor and general negativity. You devote a lot of attention to someone or something.

If you dream of falling, jump awake:

Falling then jumping awake dream

The desire to spruce up your home might start with a thorough cleaning from the attic to the basement. You can do that chore like gangbusters and then do some repairs or go for the fun stuff, like redecorating with plants or even some new furniture. You can have a lot of fun with this, especially if your partner or friends help you out. Work hard and enjoy your day!

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