Dreaming of finding money in the ocean is unfortunately the decisions and choices that you need to make in your life. You lack confidence in your ability to write and convey your ideas. You lack direction and goals. This dream indicates disappointments and bleak situations. You don’t let your weaknesses show.

Finding money in an ocean dream represents your self-righteousness, narrow mind, and rude attitudes. There is a situation or person in your life that has a negative impact on you. You don’t do anything or go anywhere with your life. This is an indicator of some areas where you need to focus your attention better. You wish for a simpler life.

If you dream of finding money in the ocean:

As much as you may want to get going today, you’d better slow down. Use this day to plannot necessarily to work. Show people in your workplace that you won’t make another move until you are on solid ground.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!