Dreaming of a sinking car insinuates strength, responsibility and burdens. You are not connected to others. You raise others up with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. This is a hint of great harmony and increased awareness towards certain situations. Someone is trying to bring you back to reality.

A dream about a flooding car is a harbinger of accuracy, vigilance, and sensitivity. You still feel sad and resentful about certain situations or relationships. You need to organize yourself and take your time moving towards your goals. It expresses success, social status, sophistication and prestige. You are acknowledging something that you may have previously overlooked.

If you dream about dumping a car:

Your mind is taking a break today, so enjoy that peace of mind rather than trying to do anything that requires a great deal of rational thinking or mental clarity. Engage in activities that take your mind off work. If you have to work today, leave early.

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