Dreaming of a friend in a red dress is a harbinger of patriotism and patriotism. You have unresolved inner conflicts and refuse to address certain issues or feelings directly. You see a positive outlook on life. The dream indicates fresh and new ideas, self-growth and development. You are moving forward in life on your own terms.

A dream about a friend in a red dress indicates paradise, relaxation and rest. You are avoiding the truth. You need to take a second look at your own motives and actions. Your dream is an indication of luck and opportunity. You feel better than others.

If you dreamed of a friend in a red dress:

It’s amazing how friends can have such power in our lives to sometimes influence us to do things we’ve wanted to do for some time, and at other times to challenge our better judgments. Today’s heavenly configuration indicates that the push they give you will help you make an important connection—one that you won’t regret for a moment.

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