Dreaming of giving earrings means acknowledging and merging your spirituality with your conscious being. You are doing your best to get rid of some emotional turmoil. You just live life. This dream refers to the masculine side of yourself. You may be the one snooping on other people’s business.

Giving earrings in a dream means your need for more self-discipline in your life. You reach for the stars. You are willing to work hard and follow directions. The dream is a hint of feelings of inadequacy. Certain secrets will soon be revealed or revealed or you are showing some carelessness in your emotional behavior.

If you dreamed of giving earrings:

Giving dream earrings

May your emotions be reserved. Take a break from guts and fire and simply lie low. This is the time to sit down and receive. Don’t make any sudden movements. Just let the energy of the day take you where you want to go. The closer you are to your inner nature and feminine energy, the closer you will be to your romantic partner or loved one.

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