Dreaming of a green soccer ball indicates fear and insecurity. You are wearing a disguise or showing a different side of your personality. You feel emotionally drained and stressed. Your dream is a metaphor for an evolving relationship or situation. It is about partnership, collaboration or teamwork.

Dreaming of a green soccer ball indicates a receding threat. You may have increased the usefulness of a particular circumstance. You want to defy expectations. The dream means your loving and caring nature. You are looking for some comfort and support.

If you dream about a green soccer ball:

green soccer dream

Only when you are satisfied and solid in your plan may something or someone interfere with the rain in your procession. Today it can feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back. Perhaps there is a sense of skepticism creeping into the picture. Try not to let these pesky, limiting energies hold you back. Be confident in your abilities.

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