Dreaming of a decapitated woman hints at a particular time or season. You feel wronged. You may have recently stumbled upon some information that was not intended for your eyes. Your dream is a sign of how you feel about the person. You think you’re constantly learning, even when you’re not in class.

Dreaming of a woman without a head means changing your roles. You should be less arrogant. You have set your sights on a goal or path and are taking a firm stand on your beliefs. This dream indicates a new idea. You are denying something or you are rejecting someone.

If you dream of a woman beheaded:

Dream of a beheaded woman

Get up and go today. You don’t have time to lose. Your quick mind will be busy working on many tasks, but this one is just for you. You are well equipped to handle the many hectic situations that can arise. There is a great deal of power to your feelings that you can use to connect with others and communicate your thoughts in a healthy way.

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