Dreaming of being helped by ghosts is a warning for your voice to express how you really feel. You acknowledge or adopt some physical trait or primal desire within yourself. You protect yourself from getting hurt. It is about your pursuit of material gain or feeling deprived. You are asking for or referring to help.

Helping ghosts in a dream is a sign of feelings of superiority and greatness. You deceive others or someone deceives you. You are doing something that he may not approve of. It indicates your problems of intimacy, power, control and potency. You need to take some time and pamper yourself.

If you dreamed of helping ghosts:

Help ghosts dream

There is a battle between the old and the new today. Perhaps a new employee has entered the workplace and is shaking up the environment with his radical ideas. At first you may find it difficult to adjust. Your challenge today is to be more flexible.

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