A dream about carrying a weapon is, unfortunately, a foreshadowing of the loss of your feminine power. You are trying to get your way through destructive means. There may also have been a situation in your life that left you speechless. It is a harbinger of a violent emotional outburst. You feel violated or conflicted in some way.

Holding a gun in a dream is a harbinger of your need to improve your communication skills or learn to express yourself more clearly. You are experiencing financial hardship or financial problems and may be proud of getting help. You are so focused on one thing that you are missing out on something. Unfortunately, the dream is a warning of an urgent need for more rapprochement with your father. You may be very judgmental and discriminating in some situations in your life.

If you dream about carrying a weapon:

Holding a dream weapon

You may be trying to go a little too fast today, due to the energy surge you’ve been on the receiving end of. A certain person you have been trying to charm for some time may find that he is overpowering you, and you develop a strong desire to run for him. If you want to give the relationship any chance, back off. Give them a little space to decide in your favor.

Regarding the dream of carrying a weapon:

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