A dream about the institution is a harbinger of your personal beliefs and religious experiences. You are excluding something or someone. Perhaps you’ve been letting small problems or unimportant issues get you down. It means conscious reality, intentional action, and rational thoughts. You may face difficult changes in your life.

The dream of the institution is evidence of experience and authority. You reach for the stars. You do not face your anger. This dream is an omen for your life or career. Some repressed feelings emerge from your subconscious mind or from your past.

If you dream about the Foundation:

Enterprise dream

You understand the principle of fair discussion, yet you can still be quite stubborn in your approach to relationships, especially when emotions threaten to spiral out of control. Today you need to look at the problem of not wanting to be cramped, wanting to be in a relationship, and yet wanting to be free. If you can see the double link, you can make things better.

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