Dreaming of killing policemen is a harbinger of real life events and stress caused by a problem. You feel suffocated or oppressed by a situation or relationship. You show a lack of judgment. Your dream, unfortunately, draws attention to the lack of achievements. You may devote a lot of time to unimportant issues.

Killing policemen in a dream is a harbinger of your weaknesses, personal shortcomings or fragility. You are reconnecting with an aspect of yourself that you have neglected or abandoned. You should not overlook the trivial and seemingly subtle things in life. It’s a self-guilt alert. You may experience an attack on your character or reputation.

If you dream about killing policemen:

Kill the dream cops

You and your partner may be too busy trying to make time to see each other today. Later, when you’re finally alone, your phone may ring non-stop, further intruding on your time together. Don’t be afraid to turn it off! If the call is particularly important, they will call back later.

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