Dreaming of killing zombies about your need to react quickly. You feel scrutinized and judged for your actions or behavior. You are lazy. The dream is an indication of undeveloped aspects of yourself that you ignore or refuse to face. You will suffer some kind of loss in your life.

Killing a zombie dream indicates marital infidelity, jealousy or friendship. You are confused about some aspects of this situation. You do not accept new ideas and points of view. Your dream is about losing security, comfort and companionship. You need to focus your energy on more productive endeavors.

If you dream about killing zombies:

Dream of killing zombies

You may find it difficult to get a direct answer to a direct question, about the location of the celestial bodies today. Somehow when it comes to the crucial question, a loved one finds it very easy to evade the answer and change the subject. You may not discover the truth from their tongues, but you will find it, and you can then decide what to do next!

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