Dreaming of a large area indicates your childlike qualities or a beloved thing. What you believe and what is reality may be two different things. You are afraid to let the past go. Your dream indicates stress, anxiety and fear. Something that may seem risky or challenging at first can be tackled if you break it down.

The big space dream is about the social aspects of your life and your sense of belonging. You gave up certain values ​​or ideals when you moved somewhere else. Big things often start small. Your dream is about the hidden aspects of your activities. You may be revealing hidden anger or frustration.

If you dream of a large area:

Big space dream

Dreams and visions may come and go today, as unconscious images emerge. Some of these impressions could represent old traumas and phobias that have outlived their usefulness and need to be discarded. You can get creative inspiration from these visualizations and use them as a basis for art projects. By the end of the day you may feel emotionally lighter.

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