Dreaming of playing a lion indicates your need for privacy. You are trying to escape from the pressures of life. You feel stuck. This dream is a sign of your concerns about your ability to accomplish some difficult task or perform in some situation. Something or someone is draining you emotionally.

A lion playing a dream draws attention to getting things done. You are looking for positivity in your life. You need to rely on your inner strength and willpower to overcome adversity. This is a harbinger of an emotional issue that you will experience in some relationships. You may need to incorporate some qualities into yourself.

If you dreamed of playing a lion:

Your hard efforts to improve your life are finally showing results. And this is just the support you need, as some people put your confidence on edge. Just don’t let others destroy your vision of happiness. Keep walking towards your goal and don’t hesitate when small obstacles appear left and right.

Regarding playing the dream lion:

The good news needs to be shared!!!