Dreaming of losing a patch of hair indicates unfulfilled achievements or failed aspirations. You are unable to express yourself freely and fully. Nothing will be gained by deception. Unfortunately, this dream is a conflict between you and the society in which you live. You have lost your self-identity.

Dreaming of losing a patch of hair is a harbinger of the end of one thing and a new beginning of something else. You are experiencing problems and difficulties in some relationships. There is a situation where you seek acceptance and want to be a part of it. This dream symbolizes a depressed mood and a feeling of sadness. Your approach to the whole problem is wrong.

If you dream of losing a patch of hair:

Losing a spot of hair in a dream

Daydreams and fantasies about faraway lands and exotic places might make you consider dropping everything and going for a while. You’re not usually impulsive, but today you feel restless. If you don’t have commitments, and weather permitting, go somewhere where you can have a change of scenery. We all need it from time to time.

Interpretation of a dream about hair loss in a dream:

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