Dreaming of making popcorn is an indication of the need for enjoyment and sensual pleasure. Your subconscious mind is preparing you psychologically for a new role. You are retreating into your subconscious mind. The dream indicates some good news. Your immediate interest in a particular situation or relationship is crucial.

Making popcorn in a dream is a harbinger of your firm position in an argument. You are opening yourself to a whole new awareness. A burden will be lifted from you and you will emerge victorious. This dream expresses practicality, status, achievements, and your place in the world. Something or someone is preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest.

If you dream of making popcorn:

Make popcorn dream

Today’s play side gives you a step into exploratory thinking. The ability to remember early experiences or examine body issues will be enhanced. Try using this aspect to increase your awareness of your body. A challenging yoga class will focus your mind and create space for a new awareness to emerge. Don’t beat yourself up, but stay on top of the exercise. Accept any resurfacing memories or new self-knowledge without judgment.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!